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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

It's official - we Canuks are blind!

...and not just in the figurative sense (just look at who we elect into office, especially here in Toronto!)

But I just had to point this out, because I wanted to. I've been playing with my Wii now for about a month and it's still yet to collect dust, unlike most of the other game systems I even owned over the years. I bring your attention to the "Everybody Votes" channel - all you Wii owners know about it, if not, you either don't own a Wii or can't read this, or either. It's simple enough - answer one way or the other to a basic, non-political question, only to feed Nintendo's interest a little more, make them target ads your way via WiiConnect24 (as if you didn't think they would? Stay tuned!) But the results are now in from their last worldwide poll. The question: "Do you wear glasses?" OK, pretty basic, but check these two pics out:

Even though I'm four-eyed, I pretty much figured out most of the rest of the world either doesn't need them, got contacts, laser eye surgery, or are lying. Check out my stupid mii down there (he would be jumping like he's just lost his virginity if this were a video, if you know anything about this channel if you got a prediction right.) Please don't chastise me for my lousy recreation of myself.

But this is what I couldn't believe, once I clicked on the breakdown by country: It seems as though we are in more need in visual aids than any other country. Just thought I'd point it out. Why? Because I needed something to update this blog with.

If you found this at all as interesting as I did, may I suggest locking yourself in your garage, close the door, start your car, and sit there until the funny gases put you into a permanent sleep.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Looks like Nintendo loves to rub it in...

I couldn't help but notice this, now that I've got my Wii working fine online:

If you've been on the Wii News Channel of late, it seems Ninty's doing a fine job in ensuring any bad publicity about other game platforms make their way into the headlines. Today I see two articles in the Technology section about Microsoft's problems with the Xbox 360 - one about their announcement that they're going to take a billion USD hit to extend warranties from 1/2 to 3 years on their consoles, and another about Microsoft not admitting the real problem about their boxes - that they've rushed them out the door in late 2005, not realizing the potential of overheating.

Good old Nintendo. Not the company that would rub salt in the wounds of the competition, now, wouldn't they?

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Wow! I actually FOUND one.

No, not one of those iPhones I couldn't care less about. Not only because they're not available here in T-dot, but who, other than those who'd do Steve Jobs' bidding, could really justify spending $600 on a device that's inferior to any Palm or Blackberry (which at that price wouldn't stifle you with a two-year, $60/month data plan, and PRAY you're not browsing the web away from an unlocked wi-fi connection else you'll be paying for what, 40kpbs access at how much per minute?) Never mind, I'll stay away from that.

What I'm really amazed about is that I actually, today, no shit, on a Saturday afternoon, actually, really, truly found a place in town that ACTUALLY had a Wii for sale. In fact, I was amazed that the local Best Buy had quite a number of them, and proudly had some hand-made sign on the front door proclaiming as such (seeing as the Wallyworld next door didn't have any in sight.) Now if only I wish I would have known one thing about them: if you're using ZoneAlarm as a firewall, and buy that USB Wifi connector to share your PC's internet connection with your Wii, you're like screwed. Unless you disable the firewall, which of course potentially screws your computer. And why can't Ninty write a Vista-compatible front-end for this thing? Going back to XP to keep my Wii happy ain't cool. Mind you, I should have just bought a freakin' router... except I would have needed to find a place to plug it in (the Wii just ate up the last available plug on my power bar. Shed a tear for me...)

But don't get me wrong - I truly am impressed by this thing. About as much as I was back when the N64 first came out almost 11 years ago. Of course then I got lucky and found an EB that were selling them a day earlier than they should have - no preordering necessary, just pay and go - and I got to brag about it. Now all I need are a few more games. Once I figure out how to keep a firewall going and still let my Wii stay connected. Without running to the Best Buy again to buy a router.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

How did she get out of Mr. Slave's Ass?

Like, seriously, I'm still trying to comprehend how this Stupid Spoiled Whore manages to keep herself in the news. Crying for mommy when your little bribe to that L.A. sheriff didn't work? Aww... poor baby.

Though I do love this game:

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Happy New Year (albeit 4 months late)

Wow. It's been awhile since I last posted something to this blog. So lets see, what can I bitch about?

Can I bitch about this wonderful new operating system of Microsloth's? I'm sure you already know about it.

Can I bitch about this beautiful internet provider? Most people already know about that.

Can I bitch about my Leafs, once again not providing me with at least one hope of seeing them hoisting Lord Stanley's Mug before my own eyes?

Or should I just shut up now, and perhaps watch the Raptors make it past a playoff round?

I think I need another beer. Later, boys and girls.