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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What? Only 2½ years later...

...and I finally rediscovered my blog. Wow, this is freaking amazing! Okay, no, it's not. But nonetheless, I thought I'd just type some random nonsense just to see whether or not Google will ban me as if I were some content farm. Here's the big test:

Justin Bieber came over to Lindsay Lohan's place to borrow a rock of crack. Then he smoked it with Britney Spears and Eva Longoria while making out to Ke$ha's newest single, Blow.

C'mon, Google, ban me!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Thrice bitten, still not shy?

So, I’ve just read the story that the bald man with lots of money who would' just love an NHL team just got shafted, yet again.  What is with Count Bettman, anyway?  Can he not see the forest from the trees?  Can he not just admit defeat – that the NHL just doesn’t work in markets where hockey isn’t the de facto sport?  This just boggles the mind.  I won’t say anything more on this one.  Just sickening.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Talk about a nostalgia journey!

I’m typing on this new computer of mine, which I bought about a week or so ago from the fine folks at Tiger Direct. (Free plug to you.  Next time you’ll have to pay for it.)  Anyway, it got me waxing nostalgic as to what was a supreme computer back when I was bragging about the technology I had.  Back at a time when memory was measured in kilobytes and hard drives in megabytes.  For your amusement, let me tell you about the computers I once owned back in the day.

Back in the day would mean about the mid-80s to early 90s.  The days when most people would shun anything that had an Intel processor and Microsoft-based operating systems.  DOS?  Fuck that.  Windows?  Hahaha!

Back then, Atari was my computer of choice.  Those old 8-bit machines were way ahead of their time, and despite some certain company whose owner would buy Atari, the old machine held up quite well.  Then I eventually got me one of those 16-bit machines. The ST was an impressive piece of power for an affordable price.  Let’s face it, what I eventually built myself up with didn’t cost me a great deal, back in 1992:

Atari 10404160STe (originally had 1MB of RAM, upgraded it to 4MB, and at an Atari convention even bought a replacement sticker to ensure that everyone knew it.)  Also had a pair of hard drives that gave me a total storage capacity of 210 MB.  Whoa!  Back then, that was killer.  Had both a color (SC1224) and monochrome (SM124) monitor, so I can brag about the killer 640 x 400 monochrome resolution.  Okay, then again, Super VGA graphic cards were available for those (ahem ahem) Intel machines, but still, we had those resolutions well before you did!

And to think, I used that trusty computer well beyond its shelf-life – right up until 1997, when I finally realized that this internet thing would probably be better suited for a machine that actually displayed more than 16 colors at a time at a resolution better than 320x200.  Pity I now have to live with one of those machines running that operating system.

Then again, wonder what would it be like to see Atari’s TOS on in Intel Core 2 Quad?

Friday, April 17, 2009

My 2½¢ on the Susan Boyle phenomenon


By now I’m guessing you’ve probably have seen or heard about the 47 year old Scot that wowed the world with her rendition of I Dreamed a Dream on Britain’s Got Talent last week.  For the three of you that haven’t, you can click here and see it for yourself.

Yes, it was an incredible performance, and judging by her appearances on both the CBS and NBC morning shows singing it a capella, it definently wasn’t lip synced.  But that’s not the point of my rant.  What bugs me is Chairman Jobs, (sick) president for life of the Democratic People’s Republic of Cupertino. 

You’d think a YouTube video with (as of this typing) 22,000,000 hits would be available for those with iPhones or iPod Touches to see via the YouTube app built into them.  Guess what?


Here’s the Google result for “Susan Boyle” as captured as of… well, you can see the time on the top of the image.  Guess what you get when your stubby fingers tap on the video?

IMG_0006 (2)

Way to go, Chairman Jobs!  You’d think by now you could just maybe, just maybe allow Adobe to do what they said they can do since Day One since the release of your beautiful device and let them put Flash on it? Hmm? Please? Pretty please?

Okay, enough of my rants.  It’s a gorgeous day outside here in the Big Smoke (still 21 degrees and sunny according to my weather gadget sitting in the top-right of my Windoze desktop.)  Time to enjoy my weekend.  Hope you do, too.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Seems our mayor just loves to Tweet.

Having read yet another pie-in-the-sky proclamation from our “let’s spend our great-great-grandchildren into the poorhouse” Mayor and our equally inept (and always truthful) premier, I just had to 1>shake my head, 2> wonder what year in the 23rd century all these new transit lines will actually see the light of day (click this for an example, and wonder whether you’ll see it two years from now?), and 3> wonder why our illustrious mayor loves to spend a lot of time Twittering rather than actually running this two bit town?

Your avatar seems a little lame, Mr. Mayor.  May I suggest a more truthful replacement?


Sorry for the poor attempt at manipulating pictures here (like I’m gonna spend money on Photoshop when hell, Microsoft Paint can do at least a quasi job at what I’m trying to do.)  So, Mayor Miller, rather than tweeting about all your accomplishments, why not try to solve this city’s problems?

This kind of feels good to get this off my chest.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Goodbye, Mr. Wright.

I was wondering why they were playing a lot of Pink Floyd songs today on the (ahem ahem) Mighty Q tonight. Then I read the news. You, like Syd, left us too young. But you will not be forgotten.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wow Apple, I'm Impressed!

Chairman Jobs got up and told the world about his new iPods, his new iTunes update, and his new iPhone/iPod Touch firmware update. While I may not have got the entire gist of it, seeing as my computer has spent the past hour or so downloading said updates and installing them, this one feature impresses me a lot. Looks like you can now see what podcasts you've partially listened to, the lengths of them, and how much time's left on the one's you've partially listened to right from the podcast directory. No more actually having to play them! HURRAY!!! Haven't dove into the rest of what the new firmware delivers (heard something about copy/paste but that seems like utmost b.s., and this genius thing, well, I dunno, seems like Apple's way of trying to get you to buy more music off iTunes IMHO) but methinks firmware 2.1 is a winner. Now it's time for the dev team to jailbreak it. I'm guessing we'll see that by Thursday. Let us hope. %]