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Saturday, December 2, 2006

It's been awhile...

... and I still sit and wonder to myself "why do I put up with the world I live in?"

So the loony-lefty LIEberals are trying to find themselves a new leader today. So far the lunatic fringe is leaning toward someone who hasn't even lived here in 30 years, teaching some lib-leaning crap in some Ivy League school, finding his way back here and becoming an instant MP. Sorry Iggy, you shouldn't have even been elected MP last election. Alas, there are too many brainwashed Lib-leaning pinkos living around here, so I can only shake my head and wish I didn't live here.

But on a lighter note - how 'bout those Leafs? OK, best I become more depressed talking about the LIEberal convention.

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