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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wow Apple, I'm Impressed!

Chairman Jobs got up and told the world about his new iPods, his new iTunes update, and his new iPhone/iPod Touch firmware update. While I may not have got the entire gist of it, seeing as my computer has spent the past hour or so downloading said updates and installing them, this one feature impresses me a lot. Looks like you can now see what podcasts you've partially listened to, the lengths of them, and how much time's left on the one's you've partially listened to right from the podcast directory. No more actually having to play them! HURRAY!!! Haven't dove into the rest of what the new firmware delivers (heard something about copy/paste but that seems like utmost b.s., and this genius thing, well, I dunno, seems like Apple's way of trying to get you to buy more music off iTunes IMHO) but methinks firmware 2.1 is a winner. Now it's time for the dev team to jailbreak it. I'm guessing we'll see that by Thursday. Let us hope. %]

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