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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Everybody Wants To Be My Neighbour

I happen to come home from work today, and as I usually do, get my trusty little iPod touch to connect to my Wifi network (will not do this anywhere else; too scared about unsecured wifi no matter what) and find a rather interesting email today posted from "Rogers Wireless":


It seems Mr. Rogers thinks I'm a valuable customer, and feels I must buy one of his iPhones from him.  (I blocked out the number to call, because, who knows, that number could well be exclusive to my falling for the bait.)  Wow, I'll be rush-delivered this new prized technology from Cupertino, as long as I act before Tuesday.  I should feel so honoured.  Until, of course, I read the end of said "exclusive offer."  Get a load of this!


MINIMUM TWO IPHONES?!?!  WTF?!?!   It's bad enough how much ONE of these things cost through Mr. Robbers' Neighbourhood (quick primer: $200/$300 for the phone depending on storage size, 3 year contract that's at a MINIMUM of $80/month for the cheapest voice and data plan, and trust me, you'll eat up that data within a day or two.) There is NO unlimited data plan with Mr. Rogers, and of course you'll be subject to a whole multitude of sneaky fees (my favourite is the $6.95 "system access fee." which of course is not stated up front and you'll only find that out squinting through the fine print, or scratching your head what this charge is on your phone bill.) BUT TO HAVE TO BUY AT LEAST TWO OF THEM??? Don't even ask how much caller ID costs, and I don't even dare want to know what visual voicemail will set you back with these rat bastards.

Aren't you glad Rogers is the only GSM network in Canada, and therefore the only ones that can offer you Mr. Control Freak's object of technolust?  Me neither.

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