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Friday, April 3, 2009

Seems our mayor just loves to Tweet.

Having read yet another pie-in-the-sky proclamation from our “let’s spend our great-great-grandchildren into the poorhouse” Mayor and our equally inept (and always truthful) premier, I just had to 1>shake my head, 2> wonder what year in the 23rd century all these new transit lines will actually see the light of day (click this for an example, and wonder whether you’ll see it two years from now?), and 3> wonder why our illustrious mayor loves to spend a lot of time Twittering rather than actually running this two bit town?

Your avatar seems a little lame, Mr. Mayor.  May I suggest a more truthful replacement?


Sorry for the poor attempt at manipulating pictures here (like I’m gonna spend money on Photoshop when hell, Microsoft Paint can do at least a quasi job at what I’m trying to do.)  So, Mayor Miller, rather than tweeting about all your accomplishments, why not try to solve this city’s problems?

This kind of feels good to get this off my chest.

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