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Friday, July 14, 2006

It's Friday - Time To Get Lucky!

Hot night here in Tranna. Fuck yeah, it's one hell of a hot one.

Here are my two suggestions to survive a hot night like this:

1: A fridge full of beer
2: The A/C cranked to the max.

On a night like this, methinx I'll stay cocooned in this well-cranked A/Ced house. And sit in front of this computer and go on either PokerStars or Score Poker. You can find me on either site as fafaflunkie. Will I win? Probably not - I stink online. At a real poker table, however, that's another story. I'll get into that a little later. (Fuck, I'm rambling big time here, ain't I?)

Hope to see someone I know online. Perhaps you? TIme to win...

1 comment:

Molecular Turtle said...

It's a hot one here in canada as well, i think i'll follow your advice.