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Tuesday, July 4, 2006

So this is how it all begins

So, here I am, sitting in front of this piece of computer, doing something I first did about 20 years ago -- ranting online.

Course then, it was my old BBS. Whoa, this makes me feel old here.

Of course, back then I was a bit more vocal, a lot more steamed about the world I lived in, and a lot more thirsty for beer. No, scratch the third point in that last sentence - I'll never be more thirsty for beer than I am now. Which reminds me to jump to the fridge and grab me one.

So what possessed me to start this blog? I don't know, just felt like doing this. Not like I have much of anything better to do on a day like this, sweating my ass off because I won't get said ass off this chair to turn the a/c on. But I digress.

As I get more used to this, I'll start typing something more interesting. Until then, welcome to my blog. For those who remember me, I pity you %] For those that don't, begin to read, then read on -- not now, when I get around to adding to this, then ask yourself: "who let this fuckin' lunatic out of the asylum?" Oh well, enough of the intro. You'll learn more about me and why I'm doing this later - when I'm up for an actual rant. Until then, I hope you enjoy the inane banter I'll spew upon this blog.

Regards, --RW

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